Emergency Radio/Beacons

ProFIND SLB 2000-100 Survivor Locator Beacon

Cospas-Sarsat ProFIND SLB 2000-100 Personal Locator Beacon is a compact, military grade emergency beacon providing tri-band operations with GPS. The SLB 2000-100 is designed for use by militaries around the world.  The beacon has an aluminium enclosure, and is designed to withstand the rigours of severe outdoor use.  The internal GPS receiver provides immediate position information to an accuracy of nominally 120m.  It is fully waterproof to 10m.



  • Easy to install: designed for use in ACES II/III and Martin-Baker ejection seat packs, and BA-22 parachutes
  • Able to use in a variety of helicopter, fixed wing and pilot mounted applications
  • Rugged: withstands demanding conditions
  • Easy to use: manual and automatic activiations
  • Accurate to better than 100 meters within one minute of activation
  • Reliable: built in self-test
  • Optional remote programming/toggle switch cable assembly (USB 2.0 compatible)
  • Color:  NATO Green or Sgnal Yellow
  • Weight:  590g/1.3 lbs (including batteries)
  • Size: 124 x 67 x 33mm (4.9 x 2,6 x1.3")
  • Replacement: User replaceable at 5 years or upon operational use
  • Construction Material: die-cast aluminum
  • Now in use with Military Operations around the world!