PHODS P/N 102935

Oxygen, Masks

PHODS P/N 102935

Aqualung/U.S. Divers

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The Portable Helicopter Oxygen Delivery System (PHODS) is a man-mounted oxygen system that can be attached directly to a crew member’s flight vest and helmet to support flight and ground missions at high altitudes.

The oxygen cylinder is a 3AA 4130X steel cylinder that is placed in a pocket made from flame-resistant material and mounted on the flight vest. The oxygen is delivered from the cylinder with a first stage regulator to the user through a rubber nasal cannula or face mask. Oxygen delivery is managed by the OPC-M1 Pulse Demand Oxygen unit, powered by two AA batteries. The Oxygen Pulse Controller (OPC) automatically provides a predetermined amount of oxygen when it senses a pressure differential caused by the user’s breathing.

The OPC-M1 regulator has an internal barometer to detect altitude and becomes active and de-active at preset altitudes. When the system is turned on, it becomes active/delivers oxygen above 10,000 feet (ft) pressure altitude (PA) and stops delivering oxygen when the altitude drops below 8,500 ft PA. The PHODS is designed for AH-64, UH-60 and CH-47 crews and for altitudes up to 18,000 ft. (Refer to U.S. Army Doc. AR 95-1 for usage and aeromedical requirements.)


  • PHODS is packed in an environmentally sealed storage case.
  • Optional PHODS oxygen mask.


Maximum respiration rate
The OPC M1 at power up will allow up to 20 BPM. As the user breathes faster, the unit will compensate and allow up to 45 BPM.

Apnea time-out
Approx. 30 seconds. Apnea alarm will flash a green LED in the “ON” mode if your actual pressure altitude is below the 10,000 ft. altitude setting and/or you are not breathing normally through the cannula or mask.

Operating inlet pressures
15 -25 psi. At higher inlet pressures the valve may open to relieve the pressure and the unit will not operate correctly.

Battery type
2 Standard AA alkaline DUR ACE LL type MX1500 or equivalent.

Operating voltage

Low-voltage warning
4-8 hours remaining, 1 flash of the Green LED every 2 seconds.

Extreme low-voltage warning
1-2 hours remaining, 2 flashes of Green LED every 2 seconds. Batteries must be replaced as soon as practical.

Dead battery warning
2 flashes of Green LED and 2 audio beeps every 2 seconds. OPC M1 Stops delivering oxygen. Batteries must be replaced IMMEDIATELY.

Battery life
100 Hours @ 25 C. operating, assuming fresh alkaline batteries under normal conditions.

The OPC M1 will not draw any current during storage while in the “OFF” setting.

Testing and characterization was done under normal operating conditions i.e. 77ºF/25ºC and responding to a respiration rate of about 15 breaths per minute. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

102935 - PHODS, O2 System, Steel Cylinder

102940Regulator, PHODS, steel cylinder
102958Hose assembly, OPSC outlet, PHODS
102906Nosepiece, PHODS, (1/PK)
102980Cannula assembly, without clip
102957Hose assembly, 6mm coiled, PHODS
102970Controller OPC-M1 with hose, PHODS
102916Pocket, UBD-AW, UC Aerial #1005866-3
102905Pocket, OPC-PHODS, UC
102933Case, Storm with foam, PHODS O2 System

Physical characteristics

Width3.15" (8.0 cm.)
Height5.25" (13.2 cm.) enclosure and ports
Depth.93" (2.23 cm.)
Weight8.2 oz. (0.233 kg.) with batteries

PHODS regulator and cylinder

Pressure rating2100 psi (145 bar)
Capacity1.7 Cu Ft (48.36 Liters)
Floodable volume20.4 Cu.In. (.334 liters)
Height12.00" (30.48 cm) [Cylinder-9.25" (23.5 cm) & Regulator-2.75" (6.99 cm)]
Diameter2.00" (5.08 cm)
WeightEmpty 2.47 lbs (1.12 kg.) Full approx. 2.5 lbs (1.13 kg)